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bottle-free water coolers long island

Fast. Easy. Convenient
Bottle-less Office Water Coolers
​Long Island

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bottle-free water coolers long island

Sustainable, clean water solutions for Long Island

Why pay more when you can pay less! Bottle free water coolers can save you up to 75% on water costs compared to traditional water coolers.

Bottle-Free Water Coolers for your Business or Office

Our bottle-free water coolers hook-up directly to your existing water line, removing the need to order and dispose of those bulky water jugs.

Get Clean Hot or Cold Water with Alpine

Get clean hot or cold water for your Long Island business every time with an Alpine Bottle-Free Direct Hook-Up Water Cooler! 

Help save the environment together

By using a bottle free water cooler, you actually help prevent 1000 5 gallon plastic jugs from entering our environment each year!

Start Tasting The Difference Tomorrow
Bottle-less Water Coolers Long Island

Snack Time Services, Inc. is the proud supplier office water coolers by Pure Water throughout Long Island. Our customers enjoy how cost effective, eco-friendly and clean our office water coolers are. For over 20 years, we have been happily helping business owners make the bottle-free switch with ease. Choose between a variety of sizes and colors for all of our office water coolers and delivery is available across Long Island! Make the switch today and start tasting the difference tomorrow! Give us a call at (516) 937-5390

bottle-free water coolers long islnd

Start saving up to 75% of your Long Island water costs a month!

  • Energy star listed, TUV and EPA Certified, *WQA Gold Seal, ANSI/NSF #51, ADA Compliant

  • Enhanced Taste &

  • Richness of water

  • 5-Micron Filtration

  • Colors: Black or White

  • Free Standing or Table Top

  • Instant Hot or Cold Water

  • Variety of top brands including *Alpine &

  • Pure Water Coolers

The trend today are bottle-free water coolers are for good reason. We all want to drink or provide clean water to our customers and that’s where Snack Time Services, Inc. comes in. Whether you’re looking for office water coolers for your waiting room, break room or fitness center, Pure Water Coolers will have your Long Island clients drinking cleaner water! Every office water cooler comes with the Ultimate Filtration System and since they are bottle-free, no heavy lifting or replacing inconvenient water jugs.

Switch today & save up to 75%
Office Water Coolers Long Island

Ditch the chemical treated plastic jugs and
get cleaner, great tasting water

The more you drink, the more you save. It’s that simple! For every glass you drink from our office water coolers, your Long Island business will actually save money. All you need is a running water source and we’ll install the Pure Water bottle-free water cooler. Stop paying unsightly premiums with a traditional water cooler and make the switch today!

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