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Better understand the disadvantages & advantages with our side-by-side comparison

​Bottled Water Coolers

Bottle-less Water Coolers

x Cost more upfront and comes with expensive, long term costs

x Uses low quality, treated plastic that's harmful to environment

x Exposed tap makes it high risk to mold & bacteria build up

x Time consuming and messy to replace water bottles

x Limited supply and have to maintain bottle supply

Low-Cost & Affordable with minimal maintenance

Environmentally Friendly; no plastic & machine is recycle

Hassle free & saves storage space

Hassle free & saves storage space

Superior Filtration provides cleaner & better tasting water

Limitless supply of pure water

Why pay more when you don't have to! Save up to 75% on your water costs

It's simple. Drink more. Save more. With every glass of water you actually save money! On traditional water coolers you wind up paying for premiums that include the unsightly costs of manufacturing fees for the water jugs, the processing of them in landmines, and then the costs to distribute them. (not to include filtration replacement).


That's far from how it works with bottle-less water coolers. When you replace a bottled water cooler to a bottle-free water cooler, you do not have to worry about the market going up or manufacturing costs increasing. They completely remove water bottles out of the equation and your only costs is the replacement of a water filter.

Always enjoy fresh, clean water whether your at the office or at home

With bottle-free water coolers you can enjoy crisp, cleaner water in any space. The advanced filtration systems used in our water coolers filter up to 99.9999% of bacteria out of your drinking water, leaving it tasting refreshingly better.

No heavy lifting required and save on storage space

Because bottleless water coolers require NO wasteful plastic water jugs, lifting 5 gallons is a thing of the past. You not only relieve your back from lifting but these water coolers will provide you with more storage space.

Your bottled water may have some dirty little secrets...

While promoting an image of health and vitality, bottled water companies burn millions of barrels of oil and generate millions of tons of greenhouse gasses in the manufacturing, processing and transporting of their products.


To top it off... an estimated 38 BILLION non-biodegradable plastic water bottles are tossed into our landfills annually!

FEES (based on basic cooler)

Monthly Fee


Bottle Deposit

Fuel Surcharge














Save the Environment & Save Money Monthly

Switch to a Bottle-less water cooler today & Taste the difference! Give us a call for more information and a FREE quote!

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