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Snack Time Services Inc.

Bottle-less Water Coolers / First Aid Supplies

115 D Marine Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Ph: (516) 937-5390


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Start tasting the difference today by switching to a bottle-less water cooler.

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Check our side by side comparison of

Botlled Water Coolers VS Bottleless Water Coolers

Our side by side comparison chart clearly breaks down what the true benefits are to switching to a bottle free water cooler or dispenser. See why so many are changing to bottleless water coolers & bottleless water dispensers in Suffolk County NY.

bottleless water coolers suffolk county ny bottle free water dispensers
bottleless water coolers suffolk county ny

Say good-bye to chemical treated plastic jugs and

HELLO to cleaner great tasting water

It's simple. Drink more. Save more. With every glass of water you actually save money! On traditional water coolers you wind up paying for premiums that include the unsightly costs of manufacturing fees for the water jugs, the processing of them in landmines, and then the costs to distribute them. (not to include filtration replacement). With bottleless water coolers & bottless water dispensers, our Suffolk County NY customers cut costs and drink cleaner water

bottleless water coolers suffolk county ny
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