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Save up to 75% on your monthly water costs with a botteless water cooler in New Hyde Park NY when you switch from a traditional water cooler.

Our bottleless water coolers use “The Ultimate Filtration System” which removes up to 99.9% of germs and leaves water tasting great!

Because bottleless water coolers do NOT require plastic jugs, by switching you actually prevent 1000 (5) Gallon plastic containers from entering our environment.

Switch to a bottleless water cooler in New Hyde Park NY and save up to 75% on your water costs

If you are looking for a perfect water filtration solution, a bottleless water cooler is what you need for your New Hyde Park NY home or office. When you compare a bottle free water cooler to a traditional one, you will see that making the switch actually cuts down water costs and replaces bulky water jugs. Snack Time Services offers cost effective and eco-friendly water solutions for a variety of establishments. Our bottleless water coolers are a top choice and highly recommended among New Hyde Park residents.

Bottle-less Water Coolers and Water Dispensers

New Hyde Park NY

Let Snack Time Services help you choose the right bottleless water cooler for your New Hyde Park NY space! For over 20 years, we have providing cost effective, as wel las eco-friendly, water solutions to a variety of homeowners and business owners. What makes our bottleless water coolers stand out from the rest is the “Ultimate Filtration System”. Every one of our bottle free water coolers come with this system and it provides for truly the freshest, cleanest tasting water in New Hyde Park NY.

Are you ready to make the switch today? Get the bottleless water cooler you want in New Hyde Park NY and give us a call to start tasting the difference!

Say good-bye to those bulk plastic water jugs and

HELLO to a Bottleless Water Cooler

It’s simple. With a bottleless water cooler, the more you drink, the more you save on your New Hyde Park NY water costs. You will actually save money on every glass of water you drink. Many businesses and homeowners have already made the transition to a bottleless water cooler in New Hyde Park NY. Traditional water coolers come with high premiums and nclude costs such as manufacturing the water jugs, the disposal of them and the costs to distribute them. Keep in mind this doesn’t include the costs for replacement filters or water jugs. Our bottleless water coolers are always the top choice in New Hyde Park NY to cut down on costs and for just overall better tasting water.

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See our side by side comparison of

Botlled Water Coolers VS Bottleless Water Coolers

Check out side-by-side comparison and clearly see the benefits of switching to a bottleless or bottle free water cooler in Westchester NY. See why so many of customers have already made the switch and let Snack Time Services help you with the bottleless water cooler you want in New Hyde Park NY today!

Request a FREE Quote today! Start tasting the difference today by switching to a bottle-less water cooler.

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Bottle-less Water Coolers powered by

                       The Ultimate Filter System

The Ultimate Filter System Is what we use in our Point-of-Use Water Coolers. This 5 Micron Pre-Filter element is tested & certified by NSF International under ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for the reduction of taste, odor and chlorine; and Standard 53 for lead & cyst reduction.


VOC's (Volatile Orgranic Chemicals           99%

Taste/Odor Contaminates                            99%

Pestide Pollutants                                          99%

Particulants                                                    99%

**OASIS Quality & Dependability**

Drink cleaner water & save over 70% on your water costs just by switching to a bottleless water cooler in Suffolk County NY!


Monthly Fee


Bottle Deposit

Fuel Surcharge














Bottled vs Bottle-less Water Coolers Costs Comparison

What does this filter remove?


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